13th December 2017

The Benefits of Blended Learning in the Classroom

There is no denying the power of classroom training. However, it is filled with scheduling and logistical issues. To amend this widespread problem, organisations are now including online training technologies in their training programs.

Thanks to mobile devices and high-speed internet, our lives have been digitised. The digital age has influenced every aspect of our lives, including [...]

5th December 2017

Elements that make up a successful STEM lesson

Before we dive into a few elements that ensure a successful STEM lesson, lets unpack what a STEM curriculum is.

STEM is a strategic curriculum based on educating learners in 4 disciplines, these being: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These disciplines are taught with an applied approach and are interdisciplinary. Instead of teaching these subjects separately, STEM mer [...]

30th November 2017

Questions you Should Ask Yourself as an Employee

The most successful professionals never wait for their performance reviews to receive feedback. These employees take the time to review themselves, and this self-review demonstrates where they need to improve, and where they are strong in the workplace.

Of course, this isn’t an easy task. When it comes to “self-reviews,” we can be overly positive or incredibly negative, and strugg [...]

16th November 2017

Digital Badges & Learning

A digital badge is an indicator of a skill or accomplishment that is accessed, displayed, and verified online. A digital badge has become the term for any online credential. However, this isn’t true as digital badges are just a subset of online credentials.

You see, digital badges are just one part of the greater credentialing environment. There are a variety of ways to recognise achi [...]