3rd August 2017

The Rise of Social Learning

Those in the learning and training industry are currently debating the trend of social learning. There are still many questions surrounding its effectiveness. Many are unsure about social learning as there is a lack of data showcasing its impact. In the simplest terms, social learning refers to learning from others. Social learning can be any kind of learning, it is about attaining knowledge and discussing this information with colleagues or friends.

This kind of learning is triggered by collaboration, and collaboration in [...]

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31st July 2017

A guide to the hottest jobs in Digital Marketing

Marketers, it’s time to polish up your CV! The business environment is rapidly evolving, and jobs that were once deemed “experimental” have now become essential and indispensable. A combination of globalisation and advancements in technology is intensifying the speed at which new tools are becoming available to businesses – and with these new tools, comes new jobs.

Futuristic tech and data is what it is all about! Marketers need to understand all these elements of the industry to stay current. We take [...]

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25th July 2017

Understanding the IT Skills Gap

Given the continued advancements in IT innovation, the skills gap is widening rapidly. This places more pressure on organisations, as they need to rethink their workplace strategies.

While the concept of the skills gap may be straightforward, there are many nuances regarding its bigger picture. We investigate these nuances and issues, helping you tackle the IT skills gap effectively.

Key Factors of the IT Skills Gap

Skills gap is somewhat of a trending term, describing a variety of workforce issues. At its most [...]

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21st July 2017

The Science of Learning

Many traditional training programmes waste resources, time, and money. This is because the millennial generation has adapted a new learning style. Today’s employees and learners have a short attention span and are easily distracted.

So, how can we make training more efficient?

The Forgetting Curve

As far back as 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist, developed the “forgetting curve.” Through intense research and study, he proved that information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retrieve it.

The brain chooses what [...]

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