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The Importance of Certifications for Career Growth


The Importance of Certifications for Career Growth If you have experience with Information Technology (IT) or computers, or if you have an interest in these subjects, you have probably thought about being certified for your knowledge. When it comes to IT, there are plenty of certifications however, none of them form the foundation for employability. So, then what is the value of being certified in aspects of IT? The Value of Certifications for your CV Let’s try to look at certifications from the perspective of a hiring manager. If a potential employee has multiple certifications, this immediately shows that the… Read More

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Every Teacher Needs a Mentor


As a teacher, you need to find a person who advises, challenges and celebrates you. Every teacher needs a mentor. A teaching mentor isn’t just a supportive friend, they are excellent practitioners who share their knowledge through conversation every single day. They can disagree with you and assist you in developing your very own educational voice, helping you refine your academic skill. Anyone who begins a teaching career is assigned some sort of mentor, usually through a formal induction program. These kinds of programs pair a new teacher with someone who has years of experience. The veteran teacher provides advice… Read More

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4 Tips for Setting up Successful Group Work


Collaboration is an important part of learning, helping learners build their interpersonal, emotional, and social skills. We also know that learners don’t simply consume facts like a vacuum, they require social learning to help them gain a more meaningful understanding of the content. However, group work can become a messy exercise, and doesn’t always work out as we would like. Sometimes in a group environment we find that one learner is doing most of the work, or someone feels left out, and motivation declines dramatically. But the fact is that collaborative group work is supposed to be tough. It is… Read More

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Employee to Manager


How to Successfully Make the Shift from Employee to Manager One of the biggest career challenges is making the shift from employee to manager. This is the time when professionals have more to do than just learn new skills or enhance current skills. Rather, it is the time when professionals need to completely rethink the way they function in the work environment. If you have been promoted from employee to manager, it is because you have achieved great successes in your career. However, they way you achieved this success will be vastly different to the way you achieve success in… Read More

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Teaching Strategies, Portfolios and Daily Reflection


Teaching Strategies, Portfolios and Daily Reflection Students struggle to accurately verbalise what it is they are learning. They may be able to articulate what they are “doing”, but articulating what they are learning, and how they are learning, is a different story. Therefore, it is important for teachers to try and build reflection into their daily teaching routine. This can be done with pen and paper, or through video and audio, and encourages students to take a few moments to understand not just what they have learned, but why and how they have learned it. This allows them to make… Read More

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Interview Questions and Answers 101


Masterskill is all about career growth, and upskilling. Therefore, we have put together a list of the most common interview questions, and answers. Please note that we do not suggest you go to an interview with specific, scripted answer in mind. Rather, consider these questions and answers as a study guide to help you find the job that is right for you. Top Interview Questions and How to Respond What can you tell us about yourself? This may seem like a basic, easy question, yet most people don’t prepare for it. This question is crucial and shouldn’t be dismissed as… Read More

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About the Care and Growth in Leadership Model


Care and Growth Leadership has become one of the most popular models to ensure effective leadership. Successful leaders inspire their employees, making them sincerely committed to their job, and promising workplace loyalty. Gaining this kind of genuine loyalty and commitment isn’t easy, and it is not something a leader can buy by paying a salary. So, what is Care and Growth Leadership about? It is about leaders setting their people up to succeed! It comes down to the intention of the leader, they need to genuinely want their people to prosper, instead of just wanting to get something out of… Read More

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