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“Today I hate speaking about failure and negativity.”

Lindelani Mhlongo

Lindelani Mhlongo, did his internship at  ICT Umbilo Dokkies in KwaZulu-Natal and learnt important lessons for surviving the workplace

Twenty-four year old Lindelani Mhlongo, who describes himself as “a street kid who loved technology”, was orphaned at the age of six. However, through sheer determination he managed to get himself off the streets of rural Phongola in KwaZulu-Natal to, in time, earn a degree in information technology from the Durban University of Technology.

But his learning didn’t stop there. He believes that the internship experience equipped him with many important life skills that he will need in the workplace, from time management to dealing with people of all ages..

“An important lesson I learnt was to look for solutions as opposed to focusing on problems in the workplace. Today I hate speaking about failure and negativity,” reflects Lindelani

Lindelani is proud of the positive impact the Microsoft training he facilitated at the teacher centre has had on the teachers and young people that participated.

“Ninety nine per cent of the students that completed the Digital Literacy curriculum passed and many of them have now found work at retail companies where they are using their technology skills,” says Lindelani.

“Most of the educators that I worked with have started using Microsoft applications in their schools. Many are using OneNote to schedule meetings and other tasks,” he adds.

Although Lindelani is sad that his internship has come to an end he is excited at having secured a job with Masterskill, the company responsible for facilitating the training at the centres.

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