Using Microsoft Office 2013 on Mobile Devices
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Course Time: 1.0 Day

Using Microsoft® Office 2013 on Mobile Devices takes students through a hands-on tour of the Microsoft Office application suite, including Word 2013, PowerPoint® 2013, Excel® 2013, and Outlook® 2013. The course is designed for business users who are already familiar with the Microsoft Office application suite interface (2007 or later) but who need to or will frequently or predominantly work with the Office 2013 application suite on a Windows 8 tablet computer. The course covers basic navigation techniques for each application, as applied to a Windows 8 tablet, introductory level overview of creating and formatting documents for each application, using and managing commonly applied commands within each application, and how to apply basic customization to each application’s interface. Hands-on activities for each application are integrated into each lesson.