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Brian Edwards

17th October 2017

Why Digital Learning is Imperative in the Corporate World

Today’s learners have an abundance of resources available at their fingertips. This shift in learning is continually transforming the current corporate training world. Learning and Development executives need to keep up to date with digital learning to ensure the ultimate training outcomes. Below are a few reasons digital learning should not be ignored by executives: [...]
3rd October 2017

How to Train your Employees Effectively

As a manager, you are often evaluated on your team’s outcomes. And when your team is made up of trained employees with a few skills gaps, you will deliver greater outcomes. Most job candidates state that they want to work with a manager whom they can learn from, and this is a big factor when making an employment decision. From the perspective of a team member or prospective candidate, their mana [...]
27th September 2017

Why Learners Forget, and How You Can Change This

Teachers have always known that routine memorisation leads to shallow or base understanding of the subject matter, making its contents quickly forgotten by the learner. However, there has been new neuroscience studies that have shed light on how our brains are wired to forget. This stresses just how vital it is that we create strategies to help learners retain information. In an article publish [...]
27th September 2017

Tips for Online Training for Different Learning Styles

We all have a variety of learning styles and online training only becomes relevant and relatable when it resonates with our style of learning. A learning style refers to our personal approach to learning, how we prefer to internalise, assimilate, process and then apply knowledge. If we take on eLearning or any kind of training that suits our innate learning style, then we can retain and impleme [...]