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Brian Edwards

21st September 2017

The Importance of Employee Engagement in the Learning Process

“Employee engagement” is the buzz word doing the rounds in Learning and Development circles – and for good reason. We live in a world of easy communication, instant information, and we are connected more than we ever have been. If you want your employees to learn, participate, retain information, and become more productive in the workplace, you need to make sure tha [...]
15th September 2017

How Learning Accelerates Change in a Business

We live in an era of consistent change and technological advancements. For a business to thrive in the modern age, it needs to keep up with this consistent change. The majority of businesses, according to a McKinsey study, report that they are in a constant transformation at any given time – and 65% of those transformations fail. The primary reason for this failure is unprepared employees. [...]
13th September 2017

The Importance of Hands-on IT Learning

The competition for available IT jobs, combined with greater skills that are in demand from employers means that hands-on experience is vital for beginners. This necessary experience is what will help you land your first IT job. So, if hands on experience is such a necessity, how do you gain experience without a job? You can achieve practical IT experience by purchasing your own lab devices [...]
8th September 2017

3 Fundamental Soft Skills for Employees

Soft Skills are an indispensable part of the everyday operations in a company. There are certain soft skills that all employees are expected to have to help the company prosper and reach further success.

Collaboration Skills

Collaboration and team work skills give employees the tools to work effectively with team members on a common work task. With collaboration skills, employees are ab [...]