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Jasperactive: A Revolutionary Desktop Application Learning Solution

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Jasperactive: A Revolutionary Desktop Application Learning Solution

Founded on CCI Learning’s world-leading courseware, Jasperactive is the world’s first kinesthetic Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Standard.

What is the Kinesthetic Differece?

  • We are focused on ‘doing’
  • We offer a hands-on approach based on a physical activity
Jasperactive focuses on the critical thinking and application of learning, ensuring students spend more time using Microsoft Office rather than understanding how to use it in theory. Many people question whether or not they really require Microsoft Office skills. The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Microsoft Office is one of the top 3 skills required for jobs today, in fact, 85% of supervisors say Microsoft Office certified employees are more productive. Jasperactive provides a hands-on and engaging experience when it comes to Microsoft Office learning. It embraces what you know so that you can focus on learning what you don’t.
With a five step Prescriptive Learning Pathway, we have created a human centred experience that stimulates excellence in the acquisition of understanding.
  1. Benchmark – The Benchmark Test determines your skill level and builds a prescribed course plan using only the lessons you need.
  2. Learn – CCI Learning’s award-winning courseware is embedded throughout Jasperactive. Each prescribed lesson begins with a skill testing quiz to determine and deliver only those lesson topics you need to learn. Hands-on learning exercises operate live, directly within the actual desktop application!
  3. Practice – Repeat the practice exercises multiple times to perfect your skills.
  4. Create – A project-based exercise to combine your skills and creativity.
  5. Validate – Once your lessons are complete, validate what you have learned.
Jasperactive instantly measures an individual’s understanding of Microsoft Office desktop applications, and prescribes a personalized course to each student.


  • Mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Standard
  • Accessible to all learners irrespective of previous experience with Microsoft Office.
  • Complete hands-on live in-application prescriptive learning experience
  • Interactive courseware with exercises, tutorials, and review questions
  • Teachable moments and on time remediation
  • Student focused and teacher controlled
  • Validation using Mozilla Open Badges technology
  • Access code enrolment technology
  • Open student collaboration and discussion
  • Teacher insight into student progress
  • Accurate measurement of learning
  • Efficient learning embracing existing knowledge to develop complete understanding
  • Students are motivated to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Proof of understanding and not just knowledge

Contact us for more information:

+27 11 566 0500 (JHB) +27 21 200 6667 (CPT)

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