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How to always be expanding your skillset with eLearning

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How to always be expanding your skillset with eLearning


Thanks to the World Wide Web, most of the information we require is just a click away. The invention of the internet has dramatically altered the way we learn, allowing us room to expand our careers and knowledge dramatically.

One of the most effective ways to further your workplace knowledge is through eLearning.

So, what exactly is eLearning?

ELearning stand for Electronic Learning. This means that you require the internet and a laptop, computer or smart phone to study. Basically, all you have to do is decide what subjects you are interested in learning about and Google courses in this regard. There are many video tutorials, articles, guides and online courses available to help you grow your knowledge and skill in any area of study. The internet has really opened the world up to new opportunities – and everyone should be taking advantage of this!

ELearning has become so popular and successful that many large businesses are moving toward eLearning. It has been predicted that by the year 2020, the worldwide mobile learning market will be worth 38 billion dollars!

Why is eLearning so popular?

ELearning allows you space to study in your own time, and in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere that has an internet connection.) Another plus side is that eLearning is cost-effective, online education is much cheaper than university/college courses. Many online courses even provide certificates to students who pass the exams.

Interesting eLearning Facts:

  • Businesses that use online learning and online training for employees produce more income for each worker.
  • More than 80% of people who make use of eLearning have jobs.
  • Worker productivity can increase by as much as 50% in companies that make use of eLearning.
  • 70% of business Directors say that eLearning assists them in keeping connected with modern developments in the business world.
  • How to be successful at eLearning

  • Make a schedule and make sure to stick to it.
  • Create a comprehensive time table to make sure you don’t miss a lesson.
  • Use your calendar to mark important notes to remember.
  • Make sure to learn from the beginning, do not skip certain parts of the lesson just because you think you already know what is being taught.
  • Communicate with other students who are studying the same course as you – this means you can discuss the content and lessons, helping you expand your knowledge even further.
  • Always remember your goals – this will keep you motivated in your studies.
  • Do not rush through the material being taught, take your time to understand everything.
  • Make sure to use a trusted eLearning solution.
  • Never forget to test and practice the knowledge you have been taught.

    One more thing, never be afraid to ask questions – there are online forums available to you, giving you a place to discuss the course material.

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