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The Importance of Certifications for Career Growth

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The Importance of Certifications for Career Growth


The Importance of Certifications for Career Growth

If you have experience with Information Technology (IT) or computers, or if you have an interest in these subjects, you have probably thought about being certified for your knowledge.

When it comes to IT, there are plenty of certifications however, none of them form the foundation for employability.

So, then what is the value of being certified in aspects of IT?

The Value of Certifications for your CV

Let’s try to look at certifications from the perspective of a hiring manager. If a potential employee has multiple certifications, this immediately shows that the person is willing to grow and learn. This is always an appreciated trait.

In some instances a recruiter may not even consider an employee with no certifications. If you are seeking IT employment but are not getting invited to a lot of interviews, this may be because you hold no proof of your IT knowledge.

For example, if you are looking to work in computer networking and your CV shows a Cisco Credential, then you are likely to grab the attention of a recruiter.

As it stands, some of the attractive credentials for developers include, e-commerce, cloud-based software and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Big name certifications are important, but there are benefits in niche certifications too.

The Value in Niche Certifications

There are so many IT certifications that some employees may not have even heard of them. So, if no one has heard of your credential, is it even worth it? The answer is yes. There is a reason these certifications have been created. Certifications are developed because changes and evolutions in IT happens often – and it is important you keep up to date with all these changes.

When a certification is developed, it is because this technology has reached a level of maturity that makes it important to understand and learn about.

Keeping an eye on which elements of IT are growing based on certifications created for them is a fantastic way to get in on the ground running. You can establish yourself as an expert in this up and coming field.

If you place your focus on a program that is relatively unknown but growing rapidly, then establishing yourself as an expert early on offers the opportunity for you to become involved in creating certification exams. This is a way to deepen your knowledge in IT and grow your career.

With this kind of commitment to gaining knowledge in a relatively new technology, you are able to establish yourself as a thought leader, making you more valuable in the industry.

The Importance of Staying Relevant

There are times when certifications are not immediately beneficial within the business that hires you. However, some businesses have partner programs that place a specific tier or status to workers with certain credentials.

With this in mind, your credentials will be valued by the client or partner company. So, your seemingly irrelevant credentials carry enormous advantages. This may serve as a leverage point when requesting a raise.

To Sum it Up:

When it comes down to it, the most important part of becoming certified is that it gives you new knowledge and skills.

By consistently growing your certifications, you show your determination to continuously expand your knowledge, and evolve alongside an ever-advancing industry.

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