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How to make your employees passionate about learning

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How to make your employees passionate about learning


The primary metric for learning and development professionals is their learning programs – with the key goal to increase it. This can be a challenge as many employees can quickly become apathetic to learning or upskilling in the workplace. So, how can you change this? How can you make your employees passionate about learning?
We have put together some proven tactics to help your employees care about their learning and development opportunities.

Ensure Strong Classes

Obviously ensuring strong classes is vital to learning and development success in the workplace. If you offer mediocre training, your employees will not want to engage in the content and find it to be a waste of time. So, what is excellent training? It is about content relevance and quality. The more your courses teach the skills that your employees want and need, the more the classes will resonate with them.

Offer your employees a variety of learning options

Everyone prefers learning in their own way. Some employees prefer an eLearning approach so that they can complete courses in their own time, while others prefer person to person training – the majority prefer a combination of both and this is known as blended learning.

To ensure everyone’s learning needs are met, you need to offer a variety of learning opportunities for employees to choose from. If you reach an employee through either classroom, digital, or blended learning, their chances of trying other mediums of learning, and choosing to take on more courses will quickly increase.

Make eLearning easily accessible

According to statistics, people watch eLearning courses between 7 and 9am, and between 4 and 6pm. People are watching these videos on the go, while they travel to work or when they get home from work. With this in mind, you need to ensure that your employees are able to consume your course content at times that suit them.

Make learning part of performance reviews

When it comes to performance reviews, managers will point out certain areas that need improvement. While pointing these areas out, managers should always provide a solution – and this is when learning and development comes in. Ensure that managers provide options for classes and courses in their employee reviews that can assist employees in improving their workplace performance.

Always give recognition to employees who are participating in learning

You need to highlight the employees who are participating in your learning and development courses. There are a variety of ways to achieve this. You can give out company merchandise to dedicated learners, they can be rewarded with certifications and badges after completing courses, or you can send out a learner’s success story throughout the company by way of a newsletter.
You are not limited by budget on this one – you can get creative!

Send out a Learning and Development newsletter

Most businesses send out these kinds of newsletters – but the key to is make them as dynamic as possible. Feature interesting and helpful articles, create content about how to improve learning skills, and feature an employee learning success story (as mentioned above).

Let managers and departments know when you have a course that suits them and their team

If you build a training program internally, you need to let the relevant people know about it. For example, if you build a sales simulation, make sure the sales department is made aware of it and how the course will benefit them long-term. If you get your content externally, from eLearning companies that you subscribe to, keep an eye on new libraries and new courses. When you see these new courses, let the relevant department heads know what new courses are available that will benefit their teams.

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