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Digital Marketing Jobs Educators need to Cater for in 2018

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Digital Marketing Jobs Educators need to Cater for in 2018


As digital marketing continues to grow, evolve, and advance, the skills digital marketers require are consistently changing.

You need to ensure that your Learning and Development offers are aligned to this booming industry. Training providers needs to be ready and need to know the skills tomorrows workers will need to enter the workplace.

Here, we look at a few roles that are gaining importance across the digital marketing industry. These are the skills educators need to cater for, ensuring students experience career success in 2018 and beyond.

Sales Enablement Specialist

Skills this position requires include:

  • CRM Experience
  • Digital Research
  • Social App Skills
  • Client Management
  • Relationship Building
  • Sales Enablement has become vital. CSO insights reports that businesses with a dedicated Sales Enablement team have reported that 57% of their representatives meet or beat their sales quota.

    Sales Enablement is a continual, strategy based process that allows staff who deal with clients the ability to create valuable discussions and conversations with the right customers and stakeholders consistently. If businesses are looking to connect with their consumers in the digital world, professional sellers in sales enablement can turn prospective clients into clients.

    Essentially, Sales Enablement professionals bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing sales techniques.

    Experience Officers

    Skills this position requires:

  • Social media expertise
  • Customer engagement
  • Social listening skills
  • Digital technology savvy
  • It has been reported that 40% of Chief Digital Officers will report to Chief Experience Officers by 2020. This is because consumers are more empowered and will demand a superior digital experience.

    The Experience Officer’s responsibility is to ensure positive interactions with the company, by leveraging off a variety of platforms or technologies. Essentially, this role is replacing that of the Customer Officer.

    For the Experience Officer to be successful, they need to have vast range of skills in the world of marketing and technology as this helps in understanding the evolution of the customers experience. Managing the entire experience customers have with brands also demands an unwavering focus on individuals and the ability to pin-point how a business can enrich and add value to the lives of customers.

    SEO Specialists

    Skills this position requires:

  • Analytics
  • Mobile marketing and optimisation
  • Search marketing
  • Brand management
  • Basic HTML
  • An astounding 57% of Business to Business marketers have stated that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) produces more leads than any other marketing initiative. It is also important to note that today, people search more and more on their phones and mobile devices.

    For well over a decade, SEO has been at the centre of almost every online business. There are no clear educational routes in place to become a technical SEO professional, but one of the most vital skills for an SEO prospect is to have the ability to deal with change and upskilling consistently.

    Google changes and alters its algorithms continuously, and an SEO specialist must be able to alter their strategies alongside these changes.

    SEO specialists need to optimise online content across an array of digital platforms and engage all audiences.

    Growth Hackers

    Skills this position requires:

  • Big data
  • Analytics
  • Digital strategy
  • Advanced research
  • Programming
  • Growth hacking is one of the fastest growing digital marketing roles. A Growth Hacker needs to have focus on pushing a metric by using scalable and testable methodology. Their role is to reside in the place where product development and marketing meet, allowing them to focus on user acquisition, activation, retention and upselling.

    Digital Sales Leaders

    Skills this position requires:

  • Social listening
  • Digital research
  • Social media expertise
  • Content curation
  • Data analysis
  • CRM experience
  • Businesses have always required sales professionals to close deals. But sales teams have changed, and now, a certain level of digital experience is required to be successful in this profession.

    Digital technologies offer a wide variety of opportunities to engage with customers and potential customers at important times during the buying cycle. Digital Sales professionals must direct sellers into the digital era and encourage loyalty, while driving conversions.

    75% of Business to Business professionals use social media as part of their decision-making processes. And today, the ability to understand how to leverage off social media is essential – particularly for Digital Sales Leaders.

    Personalisation Strategists

    Skills this position requires:

  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Data analysis
  • Personalisation is key to today’s consumer. No one is interested in run of the mill, assembly line marketing. 75% of consumers say that they are more likely to purchase from a business that references them by name. With this in a mind, a specialist with a focus on personalisation strategy is essential to digital marketing. This strategist will be able to develop innovative marketing campaigns to drive consumer data and implement it across all platforms that are valuable to the business.

    In Conclusion

    As technology develops, the needs of the consumer become more demanding and sophisticated. Learning and development professionals need to align the skills that a business needs to guarantee they provide training that will help graduates succeed in the workplace.

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