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Introducing MasterAssess


MasterAssess provides a digitised solution to the entire portfolio of evidence process, from setup to alignment, to assessment.

Built on best of breed web application methodologies, the solution is an online browser based tool, allowing for interaction and engagement with the entire portfolio of evidence process from all stakeholders. End users need only be equipped with an internet connection and a Flash enabled browser to access and work with the system.

The system has been setup to allow for stringent workflows to run for each aspect of the portfolio of evidence process. This control ensures the validity of the process as well as the information it stores and creates.

MasterAssess System Features

  • Enormous reduction of administration time and costs related to paper-based portfolios.
  • Provides different levels of access based on workflow requirements for data capturers, facilitators, assessors, moderators, and system administrators.
  • Allows access to pre-populated learning programmes which may be adapted as training offerings and customised as per clients’ needs.
  • Training providers have full access to scheduling tools which includes the creation of training calendars for learners and facilitators.
  • Allows for uploading of all registration documentation pertaining to learners, and system users.
  • Allows for easier process flow of CAT, extensions, and corrections.
  • Allows facilitators to upload documentation prior to a training session for learners to access (pre-reading notes, video files etc.)
  • Allows facilitators to capture attendance registers online.
  • A secure product that provides 3 ways of learner verification during the assessment process.
  • Allows for different types of assessments to be conducted
  • Workplace, project and group assessments can be uploaded and administered as external assessments;
  • Knowledge assessments are loaded and administered as online assessments; and
  • Application simulation assessments are conducted and administered in a simulated environment using existing CompAssesses tools, allowing for far more accurate and comprehensive results.
  • Assessors may view and assess learner assessments online.
  • Declaration of Competency information is populated as each learner progresses through the training offering.
  • Assessor Feedback Reports can be populated online.
  • Reports provide detailed results and statistics.
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