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Questions you Should Ask Yourself as an Employee

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Questions you Should Ask Yourself as an Employee


The most successful professionals never wait for their performance reviews to receive feedback. These employees take the time to review themselves, and this self-review demonstrates where they need to improve, and where they are strong in the workplace.

Of course, this isn’t an easy task. When it comes to “self-reviews,” we can be overly positive or incredibly negative, and struggle to put actionable solutions in place.

So, how do you give yourself a productive, and honest self-review? There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when you take on this challenging task.

How are your relationships with other employees, managers, and your boss?

How is your relationship with people in your workplace and what can you do to improve these relationships? Think about your relationship with your boss, other employees, managers, and your subordinates.

Decide on proactive steps to take to improve on, or fix these relationships – and action them! Through this process you will see that the same behaviour filters through all these relationships, and you can learn to better manage that behaviour.

What demotivates or motivates you in the workplace?

At the end of the day, emotions play a part in the workplace because they affect your performance – there is no denying this. There are many parts of your job that you enjoy, for example, interacting with clients, but you may dislike putting together reports. Once you have identified what motivates and demotivates you, try to invest time in what you enjoy – you may want to take on a more customer centric role.

You need to shape your job toward aspects that inspire you, allowing you to thrive in the workplace.

Where have you grown in the workplace?

Look at your past year – there are certainly areas you have become stronger in during this time. Acknowledging and understanding this growth is helpful. Think about how you grew in this role, and what kind of learning helped you grow. Then apply this learning process to all other aspects of your job.

You may have grown in a specific area because you asked your manager for help – this will show you that you benefit from a mentor, and need to invest in this kind of learning. You may also want to expand your knowledge in this area and invest in a course related to it, to help you develop this skill even further.

Where have you been successful previously?

Understanding our weaknesses and strengths is critical when building your career. You need to focus on your success as well as working to fix your weaknesses. You cannot only place importance on fixing your weaknesses, you also need to concentrate on your strengths – so you can leverage off them.

Take the time to look at your greatest successes. Ask yourself what made it so successful – and work on expanding on this skill in the workplace.

Ask someone you trust for feedback

Once you have asked yourself these questions, bounce them off someone that you trust to gain greater feedback. Ask this person to be objective, to help you confirm or re-think your answers to ensure an accurate self-review.

In Conclusion:

You cannot just rely on others to improve your workplace performance. You need to review yourself, understand yourself better – and grow through this process.

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