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Repetitive Skill Practice Meets Corporate Learning

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Repetitive Skill Practice Meets Corporate Learning


The goal of corporate learning is for your employees to remember and apply what has been learned. If your employees are not remembering and applying their learning, you should consider blending repetitive skill practice into your corporate learning strategy.

How to Incorporate Repetitive Skill Practice in your Corporate Training Strategy


Provide employees with constant, bite sized learning experiences. You can’t expect to pre-load training, and just assume there will be successful results. Consider organising your training into small bite sized, micro-learning experiences that are periodically released to the employee.

By implementing a micro-learning strategy, you can reiterate key information in new ways to guarantee key information is retained effectively.

Encourage Skill Practice

By rolling out training content periodically, you offer an opportunity for employees to practice their skills in between. Make sure to encourage them to practice their new-found skills on the job, and analyse their performance, successes and areas of improvement. This motivates employees on their training journey.

Breaking it Down

If you are training employees to be leaders, you can’t expect them to do this in one course. Rather break down the key skills of leadership and get your employees to practice these skills on the job.

Don’t Overwhelm your Employees

Remember the natural concentration span of people. You have broken up their training, and encouraged them to practice these skills, but make sure not to overload them with too much information and too many tasks. If you provide too much information in one go, your employee will not be able to retain all the information, and you will not achieve your goals effectively. Therefore, you need to consider natural concentration spans, delivering training in 5 – 10 minute segments.

Allow them to Coach Others

Another way to incorporate repetitive skill practice is to have your employee’s coach other employees. This offers the opportunity for them to repeat their new-found skill through demonstration and answering questions. Employees don’t always need to have a seasoned expert train them, sometimes it’s more effective to have something explained to them in a way that they understand – and employee training employee is just that.

In Conclusion:

Developing permanent habits in employees takes months and does not happen overnight. This is a process of learning and doing, and you need to set your expectations appropriately.

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