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What skills are the most in demand in the South African job market?

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What skills are the most in demand in the South African job market?


As a leading learning solutions provider, we keep up to date with the latest trends, facts and stats in the South African education and skills industry.

Here we unpack the skills most in demand in the South African job market.

Adzunza South Africa compiled vast research into this and discovered that the best skills to have to ensure a stable career, and better than average salary are:

  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Mathematics

Adzuna used their advanced search function to focus on the precise words used in online job listings. It became clear that South African businesses are looking for individuals with technical skills, followed by administrative, consultant and financial skills.

Here are the 10 most prolific job titles being recruited on job listings online:

Java skills are needed, as are PHP and the Microsoft suite of skills including: Net and C# , mobile developer skills are also quickly on the rise.

With less of a focused search, other trends taking over the South African job market include:

  • 35,748 Developer jobs with an average salary of R475,488
  • 21,032 Engineer jobs with an average salary of R529,620
  • 18,536 Consultant jobs with an average salary of R425,383
  • 17,767 Designer jobs with an average salary of R512,209
  • 17,744 Sales jobs with an average salary of R258,912 (3,895 Sales Manager jobs with an average salary of R347,807)
  • 17,524 Recruiter jobs with an average salary of R428,237
  • 13,247 Administrator jobs with an average salary of R284,699
  • 8,527 Project manager jobs with an average salary of R548,411
  • 5,084 Analyst jobs with an average salary of R530,840
  • 4,910 Accountant jobs with an average salary of R437,422
  • 4,258 Java jobs with an average salary of R548,432

Looking to advance your skill set? Masterskill has you covered.

The following titles are available for increasing workplace skills:

  • MSK78-010SG: Hitchhiker’s Guide: Surviving the Workplace
  • ELK85-665SG: Java Programming (Java SE 7)
  • ELK85-523SG: Visual C#.NET–Advanced
  • ELK85-535SG: .NET Framework–Introduction
  • ELK85-539SG: .NET–Solution Architectures

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