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About the Care and Growth in Leadership Model

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About the Care and Growth in Leadership Model


Care and Growth Leadership has become one of the most popular models to ensure effective leadership. Successful leaders inspire their employees, making them sincerely committed to their job, and promising workplace loyalty. Gaining this kind of genuine loyalty and commitment isn’t easy, and it is not something a leader can buy by paying a salary.

So, what is Care and Growth Leadership about? It is about leaders setting their people up to succeed! It comes down to the intention of the leader, they need to genuinely want their people to prosper, instead of just wanting to get something out of them for selfish reasons.

As simple as this may sound, it isn’t that straightforward. A leader can’t just be nice all the time. In fact, being overly nice becomes damaging, and people may take advantage of a leader and become complacent in their workplace.

So, what does Care, and Growth Leadership look like?

Care and Growth Leadership Defined

Think about your superiors in the workplace. Who is the person you would go the extra mile for because you want to? How would you describe this person?

Usually, there will be hard and soft themes when answering these questions and describing this leader. The softer answers will include things such as: this person supports me, listens, cares, and shows interest in my well-being, understands my worth in the workplace, and pays me well.

The harder themes include things such as: this person is always honest with me and pushes me, is knowledgeable, teaches me, and holds me and others accountable for our actions.

When you look at the above characteristics that make up this leader, there are two essential themes that define them: they care, but expect you to grow in your workplace.

The subordinate doesn’t simply expect the leader to be nice all the time, they expect care and honesty (even if that honesty hurts at times).

Another thing to note is that if a leader displays these kinds of characteristics, the subordinate will want to impress the leader, and will not be afraid to ask for help – as they know that the leader will appreciate the fact that they are driven to learn more.

This kind of leader is successful as they do two specific things: they care for their subordinates, and they allow them opportunity for growth.

Interested in developing your leadership skills?

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