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Tips to Help You Manage your Work Load: Master your Calendar

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Tips to Help You Manage your Work Load: Master your Calendar


Did you know that in the past, 2 or 4 people would have been employed for your job? Today, there is one person doing your job because, theoretically, we have technologies available to us that make our jobs easier and more streamlined.

When managing a large amount of assignments and tasks, it is easy to forget something. Since technology is the reason you have a lot more work to do, it is time to use technology to help you through your workload – that is what it is there for!

Digital Calendars

Work off a single “master” calendar to track all of your meetings, time spent on paperwork, medical appointments, holiday times, family obligations etc.

If your calendar is shared with your team, you can set your personal appointments to private so they cannot view the details.

Sync your Master Calendar with your Smart Phone

By syncing your calendar to your phone, you can check your availability while you are on the road. A master calendar on your phone will allow you to add a meeting you may schedule on the move, eliminating the risk of forgetting to add this to your calendar when you are back at your desk.

Track your to-do List with your Calendar

With a master calendar, you can group your tasks clearly. Group them into certain categories, for example: “immediate,” “few weeks,” and “long-term.” Set an alarm to alert you of immediate tasks. This will help you prioritise work regularly. Don’t be overwhelmed – simply focus on what needs to be done immediately and block out time for future tasks on your calendar.

Schedule your Meetings Correctly

Make sure you do not overwhelm yourself with meetings – there is only so much you can do in one day. Try to allocate half of your day to your clients and the other half to your paperwork. One can’t exist without the other in business anyway!

Do you prefer concentrating on paperwork in the mornings or would you prefer to spend your mornings with your clients, and taking calls? When you have figured out what works best for you and make this a part of your calendar strategy. Block out your calendar times and stick to the schedule as best as you can.

In Conclusion

Yes, our workloads can be overwhelming these days, but technology allows us to manage our time exceptionally well. This is beneficial because as soon as your clients realise you are reliable, and as soon as you feel more in control of your business, you will see more repeat business and get more referrals.

Who doesn’t want that?

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