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The right questions to ask before accepting a job

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The right questions to ask before accepting a job


Finding a job in the IT or technical industry can be overwhelming and challenging, specifically for younger professionals. There is nothing more disheartening than accepting a job only to be disappointed a few months down the line, after realising the job/environment just isn’t the right fit for you and wasn’t what you were expecting.

More often than not, young professionals jump right in, accepting the first job that comes their way – hoping that what they heard and experienced in the interview process will be reality throughout employment with the company. This kind of thinking needs to shift or else you will find yourself stuck in a job you never expected.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before accepting any job offer:

Does the potential employer offer an inviting and motivating work environment?

The cultural and physical work environment speaks volumes about the business. Are there collaborative, bright spaces where you can brainstorm with your team? Or are desks tight and closed off? Make sure to observe people in the work environment too.

Do the employees seem purposeful and motivated or disengaged and tired?

Company culture is important, as an environment that is engaging and inspiring will motivate you further and make you more successful in your career.

Is there room for career growth?

Discover when or how often employees get promoted. Find out what they believe is required of employees to grow their career in the organisation, and enquire as to whether or not the company has a mentorship or training program.

Is the company interested in helping you grow within the company?

Ask these questions directly, you are entitled to know if hard work is rewarded.

Does the organisation have a social conscience?

One of the key characteristics of the millennial generation is social awareness. Young professionals don’t want to work for a business that is solely focused on making money. They would be more productive and passionate working for a business that stands for something and is committed to helping others beyond product and services.

Ask what charities the company is involved with and see if this resonates with you. If the charities align with causes that are dear to your heart, you can better identify with the business and this could sway your decision further.

What are the work hours like and they flexible?

This is especially important for young professionals to find out about. Millennials are incredibly plugged in and are used to and comfortable working wherever they need, and they want this flexibility.

Find out if business applications and information will be available outside of the physical office? Is it accessible to work outside of traditional business hours? These are the kinds of questions people forget to ask, and are important to have answers to. You don’t want to start your new job thinking you have flexibility, when it fact, you are confined to a desk.

How often and how much does the employer invest in its employees?

Management training programs and reimbursement classes prove an employer is committed to helping employees grow and thrive. Also ask if other incentives are available i.e.: profit sharing or bonus programmes.

In Summary

Asking these kinds of questions will get you closer to finding an employer that offers the tools, environment, and resources you need to flourish in your career.

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