Building a Career in Cyber Security


Cybersecurity is one of the most significant problems facing the digital world. Not a day goes by without reports of a government agency, retailer, healthcare facility, small business, or financial institution being attacked by malicious hackers. While their motives may vary, they have a single thing in common, the ability to gain entry into digital spaces and create chaos. To tackle these hackers, organisations have started to develop and train IT staff. The IT professionals install and monitor defensive systems that protect digital assets. Unfortunately, skilled cybersecurity professionals are scarce. Those who are interested in cybersecurity have noticed that this… Read More

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The Benefits of Blended Learning in the Classroom


There is no denying the power of classroom training. However, it is filled with scheduling and logistical issues. To amend this widespread problem, organisations are now including online training technologies in their training programs. Thanks to mobile devices and high-speed internet, our lives have been digitised. The digital age has influenced every aspect of our lives, including the way we work. Today, we are no longer stuck to a desk or office. Smartphones even take this a step further, allowing us to work on the go. The way we learn has evolved alongside these technological changes. Essentially, classroom training or… Read More

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Elements that make up a successful STEM lesson


Before we dive into a few elements that ensure a successful STEM lesson, lets unpack what a STEM curriculum is. STEM is a strategic curriculum based on educating learners in 4 disciplines, these being: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These disciplines are taught with an applied approach and are interdisciplinary. Instead of teaching these subjects separately, STEM merges them into a single educational paradigm. But it is more than just a grouping of subjects. STEM learning was created to develop scientific underpinnings and deep mathematical skills so that learners can compete in the work environment. Basically, a STEM curriculum creates… Read More

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Questions you Should Ask Yourself as an Employee


The most successful professionals never wait for their performance reviews to receive feedback. These employees take the time to review themselves, and this self-review demonstrates where they need to improve, and where they are strong in the workplace. Of course, this isn’t an easy task. When it comes to “self-reviews,” we can be overly positive or incredibly negative, and struggle to put actionable solutions in place. So, how do you give yourself a productive, and honest self-review? There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when you take on this challenging task. How are your relationships with other… Read More

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Digital Badges & Learning


A digital badge is an indicator of a skill or accomplishment that is accessed, displayed, and verified online. A digital badge has become the term for any online credential. However, this isn’t true as digital badges are just a subset of online credentials. You see, digital badges are just one part of the greater credentialing environment. There are a variety of ways to recognise achievement, and there are many forms of proof of these achievements. A digital badge plays the role of both an achievement as well as proof of the achievement. How to define digital credentials Digital credentials are… Read More

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Should Trainers be Subject Matter Experts?


Do trainers need to be experts in the subject matter they are teaching, or do they simply need to be good at facilitation and presentation? Learning and development professionals believe that expertise in subject matter is essential for providing a successful learning experience. They believe that having experience and knowledge will better a trainer’s facilitation, allowing them to answer questions, share stories, and provide examples to the learners. On the flip side, some believe that the primary role of a trainer is to facilitate the learning process rather than rely on their knowledge and experience to deliver the course content.… Read More

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Introducing MasterAssess


MasterAssess provides a digitised solution to the entire portfolio of evidence process, from setup to alignment, to assessment. Built on best of breed web application methodologies, the solution is an online browser based tool, allowing for interaction and engagement with the entire portfolio of evidence process from all stakeholders. End users need only be equipped with an internet connection and a Flash enabled browser to access and work with the system. The system has been setup to allow for stringent workflows to run for each aspect of the portfolio of evidence process. This control ensures the validity of the process… Read More

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